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One machine for multiple uses
Mixes food and beverages with ease
650 watt peak power motor
Point-and-shoot pulse control for chopping control
Dishwasher-safe, shatterproof Tritan? mixing cups
IncludeDesigned to be carried by people on the go
Juice and protein powder are convenient breakfast drinks for many people. The single cup 500ml travel mug is especially suited for quickly mixing portable juices, shakes and frozen drinks. It can be stirred and used for direct drinking in the same cup, giving you unlimited convenience. Isn’t it better? The cup is sized to fit in most car beverage cup holders.

One mixing cup for multiple uses
No need to use multiple cooking machines when you have multiple mixing cups. 1 liter mixing cup with large capacity for preparing smoothies for the whole family or a large portion of fresh salad. Two 500 ml travel cups with lids for making smoothies on the go. This universal blending cup is particularly easy to use. It can be used as a mixing cup or just as a portable travel mug. This 240 ml grinding mug can be used for chopping or fine grinding and comes with a seasoning lid that can be placed directly on the table.

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One 1-liter mixing cup with lid
One 240 ml grinding cup with flavoring lid
Two 500 ml travel mugs with drinking lids


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